• 4 Simple Healthy Eating Tips for Your Health and Happiness

    4 Simple Healthy Eating Tips for Your Health and Happiness
      When you identify the style of clothing that best suits you, it is easy to know what pieces to buy to add to your wardrobe. Is your style classic, romantic, or boho chic? It's like following a set of rules. By following your style rules, you won't waste money on purchases that don't fit your style, and you will ‌effortlessly create outfits and...
  • Gift Ideas for Teachers

    Gift Ideas for Teachers
    End of YearGift Ideas for Teachers Teachers do more than just show your kids how to learn English and math. They act as counselors, friends and much more to the students in their classes. Show your child’s teachers how much you appreciate their hard work with these easy gift ideas.  Homemade Gifts  Teachers Are Our Heroes -  Have the kids in class draw pictures of their...
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist

    Spring Cleaning Checklist
        The tradition of Spring Cleaning dates back centuries and is a hallmark of Jewish, Iranian and Chinese cultures.  The meaning of spring-cleaning is to clean all of a place, especially your house, very well, including parts you do not often clean. Especially after the pandemic, spring cleaning is a "must-do". YOUR SPRING CLEANING CHECKLIST ENTRYWAY   Sweep floors   Wipe walls   Wipe baseboards   Clean door   Clean doormat   Organize shoes ...
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