List of 9 Fall Fashion Trends for 2020


Depending on what you read, there are several trends for the Fall season this year. Now, even though I love fashion, I am not one to go out and buy whatever is showing on the fashion runways. I love my own style and don't follow trends too much. But, if you love to stay on top of the most recent trends, some of the most popular items seem to be pointing to:

    1. Metallics -Not only are this season’s best party looks dripped with liquid shine but also everyday and workwear outfits. The A-listers are bringing metallics even to the airport and inject everyday wear with a shot of glitz.
    2. Tartan Plaid - So many ways to wear Tartan! If you want to start out by just wearing a scarf, that is fine! But you will see whole outfits of tartan plaid out and about this season.
    3. Fringe - This was added to almost everything on the runways this year. You will see it on anything from skirts and coats to shoes.
    4. 50 shades of Brown - I'm more of a jewel-toned lover myself but the browns and beiges were all over the runways this season.
    5. Gloves - Long gloves are back.  I love the classic Jackie Kennedy long gloves and am happy to see them come back in style again.
    6. Skirt Suits and Matching Sets - I absolutely love a modern matching set! I also love a great skirt suit and am so glad they are showing back up on the runways.
    7. Shaggy Textured Coats - while the shearling jacket has dominated the past few years, this is a new take on it.
    8. Modern Cutouts - while the cutout shoulder was popular a few years ago, this is cutouts in all new places. This sexy trend is best for a ladies night out at a night club because it can tend to be a little sexy.  But there are also pieces that you can wear everyday.
    9. Chains - oversized chain accessories took over the runways. From a fun pair of earrings to chains on your shoes, chains are everywhere.

This gives you a guideline of what others might be wearing this Fall, but, always remember, being unique is always in style! 


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