Ideas to Help Support Local Businesses During COVID



Ladies, it is no secret that smaller businesses are struggling during this crazy time. Restrictions may be starting to ease but small businesses are still suffering. Do you want to help make a difference? Here are just a few easy ways you can support your local businesses and the best part is the require little to no effort whatsoever!


The Power of Social Media

You might be surprised by the power of a good review on Facebook or an Instagram story shout-out for your local café might do. This is such a simple and free way to allow more exposure for the community. In fact, 97% of consumers consult with reviews before buying. Your positive review on someone’s business may just get them a sale!

Get it Delivered

One of the main challenges of small businesses is the decline in foot traffic as we self-isolate. In response to this, many businesses are offering the option to order online. If you plan on doing any online shopping, stop and first think about what small businesses you could be supporting right now! Options could include your local bakery, toy store, flower shop, bookstore or restaurant may not have their usual storefront, but many are providing delivery or curb-side pickup.

Purchase Gift Cards

Buying a gift card is a great way to inject money straight into a business and it can always be used later on. Do you have a friend’s birthday coming up? Want to show appreciation for your siblings or partner? Or, perhaps, just purchase gift cards for your own family from local restaurants! That way the money is there for them now during this difficult time and you can enjoy a nice meal later!


Say thanks!
Be kind and do your part to support others and continue to always look for a silver lining in every situation. A simple thank you can make someone else’s day a lot better and allow them to feel appreciated.


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