Keeping Summer Fun


Keeping Summer Fun

Join A Summer Reading Program
    Check out Libraries, reading clubs and online.    

Create A Summer Bucket List
    Have each child do this.  Do not forget a family bucket list too.

Plan Play Dates
    Also set up mommy and me playdate too.  Mommy needs Mommies too!

Enroll Your Child In A Summer Camp
    Do this early, camps fill up quickly.

Summer Homework
    Decide if this will be daily and a weekly task.  Out outside at the picnic table, club house or even inside blanket fort.

Find Free (or Really Cheap) Kids' Movies
    Remember movies in the park and drive-ins are perfect too.

Go On A Picnic
      Anywhere! backyard, outside Dad’s/Mom’s work building, or even the living room floor.

Run Through The Sprinkler
    Swimsuit or fully clothed, they will scream in delight!

Go To Parks And Playgrounds 
    Try a new one every week, just set a day of the week and go.

Ride Your Bikes
    It is great exercise while enjoying the outdoors.

Camp In Your Backyard
    So easy and you can always run in the house if you forgot something.

Listen To An Audiobook Under The Stars
    Get a blanket, lay back, and relax!

Have A Luau In Your Backyard
     Set the mood by making flower leis, playing Hawaiian music, and serving tropical foods and drinks.

Go Bird Watching
    Make a bird watching journal.  Add photos or sketches of each bird. Write where the bird was and what it is doing. 
Make Fairy Houses
    Use moss, bark, and leaves to make them Add stones, flowers, and a solar outdoor light (so the fairies can make their way home at night) to decorate.

Collect Rocks And Paint Them
    Rocks make cute garden ornaments for your flower beds or Grandma’s.  Designs, words, or just color will brighten any garden.

Decorate Your Walkways/porch With Chalk

    What a cute welcoming sight for all who comes to your door.

Press Summer Flowers
    Make a pressed flower picture with waxed paper and iron, parchment paper and heavy books or paper towel and microwave.

Make Jewelry
    Shape beads out of Playdough and let dry on skewers.  Coat dry beads with clear or glitter nail polish to add shine and protective coating.  String on colorful elastic cord for instant bracelets or necklaces.


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