New Year Organization of Your Closet

Happy New Year, Fashionistas!
Is organizing your closet one of your New Year's resolutions?
JK Fashionistas is here to help you achieve your goal!
Let's get started!

1.  Remove all clothing and accessories from your closet, yes everything.  You will be analyzing each item by the criteria in Step 3.
2.  Clean and vacuum your closet.  Start with a clean “new” closet for the new year and the new you. 
3.  Before returning clothing into your closet, look at each item closely.  We only wear ⅓ of our clothes in our closets.  So time to purge and edit.  The space you will free up will be for only fabulous items and outfits.  We are purging what we don't wear.
     Ask yourself for each item:

  • Does the item fit -If an item does not fit, remove it.  Donate it! Someone else can wear it now.  You want to look great everyday in the size you are now! Be beautiful now!  Only If you love it, it does not fit, and you can not let go yet, place the item(s) in ONE bin and store outside the closet.  If you can not wear these item(s) in 6 months, donate it.  You will feel free from this burden to fit in it. Focus on NOW not then or could be.
  • Is the item free of signs of wear or stain free-  Move this item to everyday wear or toss it if it is not.  You want to feel and look wonderful, this item would not do it.
  • Do you wear it -  To find this out just turn each hanger backwards as you return it to the clothing rods.  After you wear the item, place it on the hanger back into the closet but hang the hanger the correct direction.  After 2 months remove any and all items that the hanger is still facing backward.  You have not worn these items and they do not warrant the space they are taking up in your closet. 
  • Do you love it -You should feel wonderful in it.  Does this item flatter you? Is it the right color or do you think, "but I spent too much on it and haven't even worn it" yourself and donate it. If you are not sure, simply wear the item(s).  As you wear it, how do you feel?  At the end of the day decide if you felt wonderful or not.  If not, toss the item .. out it goes, free yourself and donate it.  
  •  Do you have anything to wear with it.  - Do I have to buy more to go with it, is it worth buying more? It might be easier and less expensive just to donate it.  Does it serve a purpose or just takes up space?
4.  Returning items into your closet.  Now the tough part is done, it is time to have fun.  You can organize your closet in 3 easy ways.  Pick one and go. If you are not sure, try each way at every season change until you find the one for you.  Organize closet by:
    • By outfit - create full outfits and hang them together.  This is the fastest way to dress in the shortest amount of time.  If you have several tops per bottom just place tops together in front of the matching bottom. This is a perfect solution for the "gotta go don't have time" girl.
    • By color -  place clothing into your closet by color, light to dark.  Within the color place tops, blouses, sweaters, pants, skirts, then dresses.  This allows you more freedom to create different looks as you dress.  
    •  By your life - group items/clothes by where you wear your clothes;  career, casual, dressy,  You create outfits within these categories. You will purchase your clothing more focused on what you need.   
    5.  Keep a notebook in your closet to jot down needed items as you dress and create outfits.
    • You will stay focused when you shop online or instore.  Beware of impulse buying, does this item answer all the questions above?  Refilling the closet is not the goal here.
    • Sketch or list items you used to create a great outfit.  When it's a last minute invite or "I have nothing to wear" moment,  you can refer to this quickly and be out the door in minutes looking great with no effort.

    6.  When you are ready to shop, in-store or online, remember to ask yourself  "is the item an impulse buy or a smart buy.  Does it meet my criteria above?" 
    7.  To feel current and in-style, try 2 new seasonal trends. Pick one to two new fashion items [not a whole new wardrobe]  on what is trending and wear it all season long.  An example is a wide leg pant with a high waist and a plaid poncho.  One item can change the whole feel of your wardrobe. At the end of the season this item can retire with no remorse because it did its job.
    8.  It is easier shopping and building a functional wardrobe if you have only several colors  instead of every color in the rainbow.  You will be able to focus on your colors when shopping. I simply overlook black items and focus on grays, blues, and reds when I shop. I can scan a rack in seconds by color instead of going through every item on the rack. You will be able to easily intermix new items in your colors with your current ones without thinking.   Limiting your colors does not limit your wardrobe but helps you build it knowing the shades that you have and concentrating on them instead of having a little bit of everything.

    You have now created a useful and beautiful wardrobe in your closet.  Spend your time admiring your closet, not cursing it!

    Enjoy 2021 and look good doing it!

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