Spring Closet


Spring Ready Closet

Spring is here! Now is the time to pack away those cold weather clothes and winter accessories for another season. As you purge your closets of winter, it is a perfect time to take a critical last look at each item as you pack/move it away until next year.  

Ask yourself:

o   Did you wear it this past season?

o   Does it still fit?

o   Is the item free of signs of wear or stains?

o   Do you still love it or are you tired of it?

Do NOT store items to only hang in your closet to never be worn.  Reread our “Organization of Your Closet” Blog for a refresher if needed.

Now you are ready to bring on the Spring!  As you add items, look closely at each item to ensure it should be placed in your closet.  Review our “Organization of Your Closet” Blog for a refresher if needed.  Be hard hearted now so next year you have your cold weather clothes ready to go.  Now may be a great time to set your closets up in another way to see if it works better for you.  As our previous “Organization of You Closet” blog stated feel free to try organizing items in your closet by outfit, color, or by your life. You may discovery it works for you.
Do not forget all your accessories from foot wear to hats. Accessories should be change as well. Boots and cold weather shoes should be cleaned and stored away.  Heavy scarves are switched to light weight scarves.  The wide trim hat is still in for spring but now in natural fibers.

When do I Switch from Winter to Spring Wardrobe?
I start usually around Easter or when the weather starts to break.  Heavy coats, boots and thick accessories will not be worn but some cold weather items can remain in your closets a little longer.  Light weight sweaters or  long sleeve blouses/ tops can be paired with capris or shorts. Full-length pants can be paired with short sleeve blouses and tops.  

 What is the quickest way to look like Spring while switching the closet to spring?  
Roll up the pants, push up the sleeves and throw on a denim jacket can create an instant look and feel of Spring.  Slip on tennis shoes, sandals or light weight shoes and go!

What if the weather turns back to cooler weather?
No problem, just add more layers.  Add a sleeveless jacket vest, a long sleeve shirt or a sweater, or a hat or light weight scarf. You will warm right up and still look like spring styled.

Comment below ⬇️⬇️  if you have any questions or comments. Wishing all of you a blessed Spring!

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