What is a Fashionista, Anyway?

    a designer of haute couture.
    a devoted follower of fashion.
    "sleek designs that press all the fashionistas' buttons"
    A fashionista is someone who loves fashion. Whether you know how to style looks or pair things together doesn't matter to us. We can help you do that! Do you know what looks good on your body type? If not, follow us and we can help. Sign up on our home page for our emails and we will post things from time-to-time to help you figure out your body type. Have no clue how to tie a scarf? No problem! We will be showing you different ways to do just that along with many other things.

    Our clothing is meant to be fun and unique. We offer tips to pair things together on most of our website product pages. We also offer "shop the look" from time-to-time on our home page for an easy way to shop every item of a group that we think looks awesome together. We will also be publishing videos occasionally on our social media pages on how to combine, use, or care for certain products. Don't worry about a thing...we can help you become a FASHIONISTA!

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