Regularly $75/hr.                                           

Do you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? We can help you with that! Together we will identify your individual style and the needs of your current wardrobe. JK Fashionistas will then create a functioning closet for you by reorganizing your closet back into a better functioning layout that fits your lifestyle. You can choose how much or how little you want to reorganize. Choose from clothing and shoes or clothing and accessories. Or choose them all for a complete redo. This service can be done via Zoom, as well.

Identify Individual Style and Needs of Client's Wardrobe

  • JK Fashionistas style survey will be completed by Client
  • Clothing and accessories assessment of Client's current wardrobe
  • Client decision on type of reorganization (partial or full) service needed
  • JK Fashionistas will identify and implement a successful functioning wardrobe

Clothing and Accessories Assessment

Purge and edit current wardrobe based on:

  • Does the item fit?
  • Is the item free of signs of wear and stains?
  • Do you wear it?
  • Do you love it?
  • Do you have anything to wear with it?

Reconstruct Closet Layout

JK Fashionistas will help client choose the correct layout by:

  • Outfit
  • Color
  • Lifestyle

Create Shopping List

  • List of recommended merchandise to fill-in gaps and complete wardrobe
  • Create a future shopping list of merchandise to expand current wardrobe
  • Teach client how to distinguish between a successful wardrobe purchase and a wasteful purchase.

JK Fashionistas will remove all items no longer wanted and deliver them to a charity

*In Home Travel Fee is $50 per hour outside Rochester, Michigan


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